Providing services to our District’s cooperators and landowners is a high priority for the Homer District. Accordingly, the following programs share the goal of assisting agricultural producers in their efforts to maintain a living from the land as well as to be land stewards.



Cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service

The relationship between Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a long-standing, dating to the the dustbowl era of the 1930's.   Our two agencies work closely to identify local conservation needs, and prioritize the expenditures of conservation funds, ensuring that the investment will provide long-term protection of natural resources.  Learn more about this unique relationship and how our agencies work together.


Working with Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Our Board of Supervisors reviews all Alaska Division of Agriculture Farm Plans within our district.  This review, required through state statue, provides an opportunity for local input on potential resource concerns.  Our staff can help farmers and ranchers by reviewing their draft plans and providing advice early in the process.


Soil and Forage Testing

The Homer District is continuing to develop a Soil and Forage Testing Program for cooperators and landowners that will allow producers to test their soil fertility, forage quality and receive fertilizer application recommendations from the Cooperative Extension Service. The District will work with the Cooperator to collect the samples and mail them to the test lab.  Please visit our Soil Testing Program for additional information.

Current fees for soil test is  $34.50, if you have 2 or more samples each additional test is $22.50.  Cost  of forage testing is $38.00.


Addressing Invasive Weeds

The introduction and spread of noxious and invasive weeds can lead to a decline in agricultural productivity, pose a health threat to livestock, or impact overall soil health.  District Cooperators who have concerns or need technical advice on how to manage their weeds in an agricultural setting can request assistance from our Invasive Plant Coordinator.

The district does have on staff an inspector to certify Alaskan Grown weed free hay and straw.  For more information on our invasive plant program contact Katherine Shake at or 235-8177 ex 117

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