Invasive Plant Management

Invasive species are one of the foremost threats to ecosystems and agriculture alike. The Homer District has been, and continues to be a leader in increasing awareness of, and working to manage invasive plants that are rapidly becoming a problem on the Kenai Peninsula.  Over the years the Homer District has conducted: control trials, scouting and mapping projects and produced many publications on invasive plants. 

Homer District Programs

Invasive Plant Cost Share Program

The objective of the cost share program is to aid in the control of invasive species on private landholdings on the Kenai Peninsula through technical assistance and a cost share for incurred expenses.  Private land owners that can demonstrate a need for invasive plant management on their properties may sign up for assistance.   Download the application and program terms here

Weed Free Certified Weed Free Products

The Homer District supports the use of products that can be certified 'Weed Free' to standards set forth by the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA). The District has staff available to inspect fields and gravel to certify your products.  Contact our office to schedule a site visit or for more information.
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Invasive Plant Outreach Material

Many of the invasive plants that have become problematic in Alaska and on the Kenai Peninsula have been introduced for ornamental use.  The Homer District seeks to provide information to residents help them to make responsible choices. Several outreach publications have been developed to inform our choices about landscaping.  Help get the word out and protect Alaska's native plants and wildlife.

For a list of Homer District invasive plant publications go here. (Insert link to our publications page)

Kenai Peninsula Cooperative Weed  Management Area

Kenai Peninsula CWMAThe Kenai Peninsula Cooperative Weed Management Area (KP-CWMA) first materialized when the local Soil and Water Conservation Districts on the Peninsula met with the US Forest Service’s Forest Health Protection - State and Private Forestry Division in the summer of 2003 to begin organizing a cooperative weed management area.  The Homer and Kenai Districts took the lead to develop a strategic plan and to build a base of land managers representing Federal, State, local, and non-governmental organizations to work in collaboration to manage invasive weeds.  The KP-CWMA has grown into a solid organization that meets quarterly to set common management priorities and objectives, facilitate effective treatment, and coordinate efforts along logical geographic boundaries.

 For more Information on the KP-CWMA, view the CWMA strategic plan.

AKEPIC Inventory Project

The Alaska Exotic Plants Information Clearinghouse (AKEPIC) is a database and mapping application that provide geospatial information for non-native plant species in Alaska. These data are primarily intended to support identification of problem species and areas requiring particular attention; thus promoting early detection and rapid response across Alaska. Additionally, these data are used in a variety of research and modeling activities. For more Information click link to the right.

Local Conservation Solutions

Invasive Weed Removal

Invasive species Programs

Eradication of Elodea - IPM 



Bags of invasive plants, pulled by Homer District volunteers.