Homer Soil and Water Conservation District

Land Use

One essential function of the Homer District is to advise landowners and provide recommendations about the sustainable use of land resources. In addition to collaboration with the local Natural Resource Conservation Service the District can assist in conservation planning. This is one of the services provided to District Cooperators - for more information check out the Cooperator page.

The Landscape Suitability Mapping and Developer Certification Project is currently under way! This pilot effort, funded by the US EPA, is intended to provide the tools, training and motivation for property owners to integrate landscape systems into development projects.

The Homer District is also in the beginning stages of developing a management plan for the Fox River Flats region at the head of Kachemak Bay. Check back for updates.



Cooperators receive conservation planning assistance
Mark Kinney, NRCS District Conservationist, collecting sedges at Fox River Flats

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