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[NEW!] Invasive Plants Taking Root in Alaska Curriculum

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This curriculum was designed for grades 9-12 and is intended to be a resource for educators to integrate into their classroom one of the most substantial threats to global biodiversity and agriculture alike - invasive species. This program encourages students to delve into a locally-relevant, rapidly developing issue of invasive plants which are an increasing problem in Southcentral Alaska.


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Entire Curriculum Packet (6.86 Mb - Adobe PDF)
Please note this version does NOT include Section 5: Assessment which has a review guide, exam and answer key. Please contact the Homer District to request this section or a curriculum packet.

Download Individual Sections

Frontmatter and Table of Contents (187 Kb - Adobe PDF)

Section 1: Intro and Lecture Notes (608 Kb) Contact us to request accompanying MS Powerpoint presentation (InvasivePlantIntro07.ppt).

Section 2: Inquiry Activities (2.47 Mb)

Section 3: Comprehensive Labs (159 Kb)

Section 4: Technology (158 Kb)
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Section 5: Assessment (see above)

Section 6: Additional Research Projects/Assignments (25 Kb)

Section 7: State Standards Correlation (38 Kb)

Section 8: Additional Resources (28 Kb)

Section 9: Literature Cited (25 Kb)




In the mapping exercise, students can see what invasive plants have been recorded locally.


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